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Klieverik Calenders

Printing is only the first step of the dye sublimation printing process. To provide the necessary heat and pressure in a roll - to - roll sublimation printing process you will also need a reliable calender.
To support your roll-to-roll sublimation printing we offer a wide range of calenders from the manufacturer Klieverik. These are available with various drum sizes and different working widths, depending on the application. Machines and lines can be delivered standardized or custom made. Sometimes we also have used calenders available for sale. Please refer to our used machines page for an overview of the used machines currently available for sale. For optimal results we recommend using our sublimation printing machinesinks, transfer paper, protection paper and textiles. Look through the calenders in our range and get in touch with any further questions.
Klieverik Calenders

Klieverik Transfer Printing Calender

Klieverik GTC SP-FLOWLINE transfer printing calender The GTC-SP Flowline model has been designed for the efficient production of single pieces transfer printing, but is also capable of cut sheet repeat jobs or roll-to-roll transfer printing. All kind of materials like woven – stretch – knits – non woven can be printed with applications ranging from...

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Klieverik roll-to-roll production equipment

High volume roll-to-roll production equipment Our complete range of calenders gives you the perfect choice to suit your production capacity. Besides our off the shelf solutions we can offer personaliserend industrial machines with processing speeds of up to 10 meter per minute. Accurate control of temperature, web guiding and blanket pressure result in high quality...

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Klieverik Transfer & Fixation Belt calenders

Klieverik GTC Transfer & Fixation Belt calenders Klieverik GTC belt calenders can be used for dye-sublimation transfer printing (paper to textile) as well as for dye fixation of direct printed dispersed dyes or pigments. Our GTC belt calenders are well suited for entry level professionals to high-end production facilities. With sharp edge definition, high processing...

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Klieverik Fixation Calendar

Klieverik Fixation Calendar, Model GFC The beltless calendar type GFC is designed for the fixation of dispersed dyes and pigments printed directly on the material. Flags, banners and backlit material are ideal to be processed on this type of calendar. The stable temperature thanks to the thermal oil and electrically heated drum will give you...

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