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J – Cube

  • Merken: J-Teck
  • Types: Direct, Transfer

J – Cube

J-CUBE inks are water-based piezo inks for digital sublimation printing and direct-to-textile printing

J-Lab has meticulously developed these inks with all major print heads in mind. The J-cube inks offer high quality performances on Kyocera, Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Panasonic printing heads. This is possible thanks to the innovative Cluster Technology exclusively developed by J-Teck. The pigment molecules are encapsulated by this technology and this allows for a smooth passage through the printing heads with no alteration. This product is free from Alkylphenoletoxylate (APE) according to CE2003/53/CE rules.

In the J-CUBE series you will find the following ink variations:

  • KF-40 – dedicated line for printers equipped with Kyocera printing heads
  • KP-41 – dedicated line for printers equipped with Kyocera printing heads
  • RF-40 – dedicated line for printers equipped with Ricoh printing heads
  • RP-41 – dedicated line for printers equipped with Ricoh printing heads
  • NSK – suitable for Konica Minolta printing heads
  • PNF – suitable for Panasonic printing heads
  • R-TS – suitable for Mimaki TS-500 equipped with Ricoh printing heads

Use and storage instructions

For most J-CUBE use the following use and storage recommendations apply.

  • TRANSFER PRINTING: the printed paper must be transferred hot, through calender or press, at a temperature between 200-210°C during a varying time, between 60-30 seconds.
  • DIRECT PRINTING: this application requires “direct” printing onto the fabric, followed by a colour drying and fixing (through heat press or calender) at a temperature between 190-210°C during a varying time between 60-30 seconds. Direct printing allows to achieve a better penetration of the ink during the heat fixing process.

Browse through our printing solutions for more information on the different pre- and post- treatment machines offered by ColGraphix by following this link.

Product specifications

For further technical specifications of the different J-CUBE inks download the relevant brochures per product by clicking on the product name below:

Contact us for assistance with your product choice and pricing quotes.

Technical specifications

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Strong Black, Blue, Orange, Violet, Fluo Pink, Fluo Yellow, Extra Cyan, Extra Magenta, Extra Yellow, Extra Black
5 kg, 10 kg, and 25 kg
Substrates to be printed
Polyester & polyamide fabrics; Mixed synthetic fabrics (min. 60% of synthetic fibers); Plastic substrates used in the manufacturing of sport equipment such as skis, snowboards and wakeboards
Main applications
Sportswear and outerwear, Fashion items, Flags & banners, Soft signage, Sport equipment and gadgets

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