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Heat Transfer Paper – Neenah Coldenhove


Neenah global Heat Transfer Paper business moves to Neenah Coldenhove

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully transitioned the Neenah Digital Heat Transfer Papers business to Neenah Coldenhove, located in Eerbeek, the Netherlands. Since 1 July, we have taken over global responsibility for the Digital Transfer Printing business for all of Neenah. Neenah Coldenhove will now stock the legacy digital transfer papers (inkjet and laser heat transfer and screen print) and service customers of the EMEA region for now, but may expand to other regions in the future.
By adding heat transfer papers to our existing portfolio of digital sublimation and pigment transfer papers, Neenah Coldenhove aims to become the main source for all your Digital Transfer needs. This rebranding and organisational change gives us the opportunity to continue growing our Digital Transfer Paper business. In addition, our combined market access, product technologies, geographic advantages and global brand recognition work in your favour to help grow and strengthen your business.
Would you like more information about Neenah Coldenhove heat transfer papers? Please take a look on the website:


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