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Setema I-Fix

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  • Producten: Calender

Setema I-Fix

This fixation unit is in good condition and is still in operation at the moment.

The I-Fix Series

The I-Fix is a complete autonomous heat fixation unit that can be coupled in–line to each digital printer without the need of a mechanical or electrical interface.

Textile printing and heat fixation are automatically synchronized to a one step process. The I-Fix unit is developed for the fixation of disperse direct and disperse transfer/sublimation dyes.

The I-Fix is equipped with an electrically heated, aluminium drum, guaranteeing an even temperature in the full width of the drum and a quick heat transfer to the textile.

Due to the pressure-free heat fixation, the textile structure will be maintained while the paper free workflow of the I-Fix saves on consumables costs. By placing the I-Fix behind the printer, it will not influence the printing process with heat generation and evaporated solvents.

The maintenance-free chains drive the drum. A fabric bar can be attached to the chain which greatly simplifies the feed-in handling of cloth into the I-Fix.

The I-Fix is delivered complete with its own embedded control-unit. The fixation chamber is equipped with an integrated exhaust to remove hazardous solvents, which evaporate easily at high fixation temperatures from the ink, thereby keeping the working environment and printer clean.

With temperatures between 50 and 220°C and dwell times from 10 seconds till several minutes the I-Fix is suitable for a wide range of drying and fixation applications.

Technical specifications

Machine location
340 cm

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