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My name is Marcel Hulsman. Please, feel free to call, WhatsApp or email me if you have any questions. I am always happy to help!



Productivity 110 sqm/h


Production Speed CMYK
67 sqm/h
Production Speed double CMYK
110 sqm/h
Dpi resolution
From 360×360 dpi to 1440×1440 dpi
4 Printing head, 8 Channels
Drop size
From 3,3pl to 45pl
– Suitable for transfer paper
– Feeding paper system up to 100kg
Printing width
Up to 191 cm
Printing heads
Up to 4
MS Same Print Result Guarantee


SPR is a very important concept which distinguishes the MS product range from its competitors. With MS you can start with an entry level device such as JP5 EVO and as your business and production expands you can build your business up to the LaRio whilstmaintaining the same print quality throughout. At MS we offer the same print result on any machine from small to large!! Until now we did not have such a wide range of machines with the same print head and signature. Now consistency of print quality is guaranteed throughout our range. Buying an MS Industrial Textile Printer guarantees your print quality as well as your future demands!! SPR allows the customer to select any level of our product range and achieve the same print result, by using the same inks and software.


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+31(0)547 335 600

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