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On-A-Roll Lifter® Hi-Rise

  • Gewicht rol: 90-300 kg
  • Breedte rol: 155-250 cm
  • Diameter Rol: 40-80 cm
  • Bodem vrijheid: 2,5-10 cm

On-A-Roll Lifter® Hi-Rise

Save Your Back.

No pulling. No heaving. No hefting. In minutes, with no strain to the back, you can lift heavy or wide rolls associated with today’s larger and faster print runs. The Hi-Rise On-A-Roll Lifter®’s sturdy steel construction allows the lifting of media up to 440 lbs.

Save Money.

Avoid costly and dangerous mishandling mistakes that result in damaged media by using the secure Hi-Rise On-A-Roll Lifter®.

Save Time.

What was once a two-person job becomes manageable by one, allowing a single employee to safely handle oversized and heavy media. The new design allows rolls to be lifted up to 71″ high for storage and loading onto printers.

Save Space.

Sleek and solid, the Hi-Rise On-A-Roll Lifter® is designed to operate in the tightest of shops – even those with limited floor space. The bottom fork has a 4″ (10 cm) clearance.

A rugged lifter designed specifically for fabric printers, sign makers, converters, grand- and wide-format printers, or any business with the need to lift heavy media or fabric rolls. Sturdy steel construction permits lifting rolls as heavy as 440 lbs (200 kg) nearly 6 ft (180 cm). Solves the problem of loading converting machines or printers with high inputs. Enables fabric printers to easily lift rolls onto tall production tables for spreading, sewing, or finishing. Permits using higher than normal storage for media or fabric rolls.

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