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Mutoh Viper TX 100

  • Merken: Mutoh
  • Producten: Transfer printer, Direct-to-textile printers

Mutoh Viper TX 100

This Mutoh Viper TX 100 has been inspected by ColGraphix and is in good condition and still in operation at the moment. All print heads and head cables, as well as the Capping station are new.

The printer can be used both as a transfer sublimation printer and a direct to textile sublimation printer.

Technical specifications

Machine location
Year of manufacturing
May 2010
Maximum printing width
254 cm
Speed / Resolution
max. 80m² / 1440dpi
Number of colors
4x4 CMYK (16 Printchannels)
Maximum media weight
100 kg
Open Bulk 3000 ml per Color

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