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Barbieri ON: Topprestaties door printerkalibratie

Samen met Andrea De Rossi, Color Management Expert uit Italië, spraken we over de kleurkwaliteit bij digitaal afdrukken. Het is essentieel om de printer te kalibreren om kleurnauwkeurigheid te bereiken. In deze video legt de heer De Rossi uit wat belangrijk is bij het kalibreren van printers om herhaalbaarheid te bereiken in het industriële drukproces....

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Graag stellen we u een nieuwe papiersoort voor die wij aan onze familie van sticky sublimatie papier hebben toegevoegd. bedruk sportkleding van hoge kwaliteit! Met Jetcol® TA Light Tack bieden we nu een ander tack-niveau. Ontdek meer over de kenmerken van dit nieuwe product op https://www.coldenhove.com/products/jetcol/jetcol-ta.html Contacteer ons voor meer info!

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Foster On-A-Roll Lifter – SPECIAL CORONA OFFER! Take a look on our offer. We have the perfect product also for you. Please contact us!

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Nowadays almost every substrate can be printed with very sharp images and vibrant colors. Depending on the sublimation paper type you buy, you can transfer on lots of different media with varying sizes –from wide format textile applications to smaller format promotional products like mugs and phone covers. Following requests from the market, Neenah Coldenhove...

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World Textile Information Network

LET’S INTERACT AGAIN! Not only we’ll showcase our products and technology, we’ll also have an active role in some interesting roundtable discussions @ Virtual Trade Show by World Textile Information Network (WTiN) Sign up for free in advance: https://vts.wtin.com/ —————————- Wir präsentieren nicht nur unsere Produkte und Technologien, sondern auch eine aktive Rolle in einigen...

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Neenah Coldenhove digital transfer paper webinars

Behind every bright custom printed textile, there is a story that starts with a printer, ink and most commonly… transfer paper. What is the influence of transfer paper in a printing process? Do you need to worry about the environment by using paper? And what is the difference between paper in your copier and transfer...

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We do believe Remote Support is crucial to accelerate a response to the challenges our customer face, by connecting our customer’s equipment directly to our central brain. Download here the MS Connect Brochure to discover how easy it is, and how helpful it can be for you! Very interesting, click on this link to open...

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ColGraphix is nu Hoofd Distributeur van Foster in Europa

We zijn trots te kunnen aankondigen dat de ColGraphix Group een Europese Master Distribution Agreement heeft getekend met het Amerikaanse Foster voor hun hoge kwaliteit On-a-Roll lifter programma.

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Heat Transfer Paper – Neenah Coldenhove

  Neenah global Heat Transfer Paper business moves to Neenah Coldenhove We are pleased to announce that we have successfully transitioned the Neenah Digital Heat Transfer Papers business to Neenah Coldenhove, located in Eerbeek, the Netherlands. Since 1 July, we have taken over global responsibility for the Digital Transfer Printing business for all of Neenah....

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New! Jetcol® DHS

Incredible photo quality on hard substrates from Neenah Coldenhove Driven by the creativity of designers around the world, the market  for digital dye sublimation on hard substrates is expanding at a rapid pace for the desktop and wide format markets. To keep up with the new possibilities that this segment can offer, Neenah Coldenhove developed Jetcol® DHS. Jetcol®...

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New packaging line for Neenah Coldenhove

In order to enable further growth, Neenah Coldenhove has invested in a completely new robotized packaging machine for mini jumbo and jumbo reels. Previously these rolls were prepared and wrapped for shipment by Neenah Coldenhove ‘s employees. The new  automated Pesmel packaging machine, which required a total investment of 1.8 million Euros, deals with this...

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