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For professional digital printing on a wide variety of materials.
Achieve highest image quality for professional digital printing by using an intelligent colour measurement system by Barbieri. Barbieri is the color measurement market leader for large format, flatbed and industrial printing. The company's spectrophotometers have unique features developed specifically for these markets. Example of some of these features include automatic measurements of transparent media, large measuring aperture and process control. Thanks to this measurement, highly accurate results can be obtained on a wide variety of different media.
Compatible with all main RIP softwares
All Barbieri's spectrophotometers integrate smoothly with most existing RIP software. To support your operations ColGraphix also provides experienced technicians for training and support in best using your products. Look through our range of spectrophotometers and accessories and contact us with any further questions.

Barbieri DOC (Cyfrowa Kontrola Wyjściowa)

Barbieri DOC (cyfrowa kontrola wyjściowa) to rozwiązanie do kontroli procesu i oceny jakości obrazu w drukowaniu cyfrowym. Porównuje rzeczywisty wydruk z zaprogramowanymi odniesieniami i daje natychmiastowe informacje zwrotne, jeśli wartości kolorów są w granicach tolerancji – bez komputera, bezpośrednio na dużych Drukarkach formatowych. Czy wiesz, czy zmieniły się warunki drukowania? Czy wiesz, że możesz ponownie...

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Spectro LFP

The most versatile transmission / reflection spectrophotometer ever. Spectro LFP is specially designed for the automatic measurement of a wide variety of materials in large format, flatbed and industrial printing. Application fields Creation of ICC profiles for digital output devices on a wide variety of materials (reflective and transmissive) Linearization of digital output devices Single...

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Spectro Swing

Automatic transmission / reflection spectrophotometer for production environments with aqueous, solvent and UV roll-to-roll printers. The ability for the Spectro Swing to measure transparent materials on a wide variety of flexible media makes it a special and unique measurement device. It is ideal for all aqueous, solvent and UV roll-to-roll printers. Application fields Creation of...

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SpectroPad is a revolutionary color measuring and process control device. This portable, professional spectrophotometer measures a wide variety of different reflective media used in professional digital printing (including large and wide format). Thanks to its independence from a computer, it can be used also directly on the printer. Its integrated touch display enables interaction with...

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