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Transfer Paper

ColGraphix represents the leading brands in the sublimation printing industry. We have chosen to work with the sublimation transfer papers of Coldenhove. 
The transfer paper of Coldenhove offers unsurpassed transfer yield, thus reducing waste to minimum and helping you save on sublimation inks. The company's portfolio of different paper grades can serve all transfer sublimation needs. Therefore, whether you are looking to improve your image quality, colour properties, printing speed or efficiency we are able to support you in your printing process. We are able to offer sublimation transfer paper in a wide variety of weights and widths, depending on you specific need and sublimation printer settings. Please note that ColGraphix recommends using protection paper for the protection of your textiles and calander while dye sublimating your printed images. Look through our wide variety of sublimation transfer papers and get in touch with your account manager with any further questions.
Transfer Paper



Roll width (cm)

Jetcol® Original HTR 4000

Staying flat under any print conditions! Jetcol® HTR4000 is the best paper in the world from a stability and runnability standpoint. The Jetcol® HTR4000 paper is a laminated, 140 gsm paper that will stay flat under any print conditions and ink quantity. Jetcol® HTR4000 has a fast-dry coating and will never let you down. Your...

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Jetcol® High Speed

Speedy printing without additional external dryers! Jetcol® High Speed is designed to combine a fast drying time of the ink with an exceptional high transfer yield. Our Jetcol® HIGH SPEED allows for high-speed printing, whilst offering all the outstanding properties within the Jetcol® portfolio. Jetcol® High Speed is a real Coldenhove specialty. Our sublimation transfer paper...

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Jetcol® Original HTR 3500

The solution to rivering! Coldenhove has developed the Jetcol® HTR3500 to solve a quality challenge which occurs quite often in the dye sublimation industry, called “rivering”. Other industry names include “arching” and “treeing”. Rivering takes place when the gasses that build up during the sublimation process seep out to the edges of the textile. We...

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Jetcol® Industrial JET-X®

Eén product voor alle toepassingen! Veel klanten hebben plotters, maar ook een industriële printer met een iets ander type inkt, die een ander type sublimatie coating nodig heeft. Ons Jet-X® papier is ontworpen om optimaal te werken met alle verschillende soorten op water gebaseerde sublimatie inkten, ongeacht het glycolgehalte. De basisstructuur van het papier en...

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Jetcol® Industrial XTREME®

Designed to run smoothly on industrial printers! The inks with a higher glycol content often require a special coating which will allow the ink to dry fast enough – especially with the fast industrial printers. The Xtreme® paper is designed to meet those requirements. A 66 gsm paper, suitable for not only fashion printing but...

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Jetcol® Industrial XTREME Light

Lage transportkosten van bedrukt papier! Dit lichte papier is ontworpen voor de super snelle modeprinters. De keuze van papierkwaliteit wordt vaak bepaald door de hoeveelheid inkt die op het papier wordt aangebracht. De snelle modeprinters verbruiken vaak een beperkte hoeveelheid inkt, waardoor het papier dunner mag zijn, omdat het niet veel water uit de inkt...

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Jetcol® Original HTR 1000

For fast plotters with water based sublimation inks. With just 66 gsm, Jetcol® HTR1000 is the lightest paper grade in the Jetcol® Original family. This paper is designed for the faster plotters, with water based sublimation inks most often used by the fashion industry. Our Jetcol® HTR1000 paper can handle an ink coverage of up to 240%....

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Jetcol® Original HTR 3000

For traditional plotters Jetcol® HTR3000 is known worldwide as the all-round sublimation paper. Jetcol® HTR3000 paper has a weight of 95 gsm, and is mainly used on the traditional plotters for producing sports garments with an ink quantity of up to 300%. Your benefits of using this sublimation paper include: High print stability High transfer yield...

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Jetcol® Thermal Adhesive

Sharp imaging without colour bleeding! Jetcol® Thermal Adhesive (TA) is a specially coated paper grade which makes the paper stick firmly to the textile during the sublimation process – without leaving a sticky residue on the textile. When the textile and paper adhere throughout the process, the end result is extremely sharp imaging without any bleeding...

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