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On-A-Roll Lifter® Universal

  • Gewicht rol: 90-300 kg
  • Breedte rol: 250-500 cm
  • Diameter Rol: 0-40 cm
  • Lifthoogte: 0-85 cm
  • Bodem vrijheid: 2,5-10 cm

On-A-Roll Lifter® Universal

Adjustable roll wedges and a removable roll ramp permit use with most printers and flatbed roll-to-roll cutters.

The flat roll loading tray fits printers including AGFA Anapurna, Mira, Tauro and Titan models, as well as many roll-to-roll flatbed cutters. The tray easily fits into the side of the roll loading area, and multiple roll wedge mounting holes enable the operator to position the roll precisely for loading and unloading. The roll loading ramp may be removed to prevent interference with dancer bars and other elements of the printer frame. Using the safety straps, one operator can easily lift rolls as heavy as 660 lbs (300 kg) and as wide as 16 feet 5 inches (5 m). The removable ramp can be stored on the back of the upright frame when not in use.

In any shop handling rolls of print media or other material, a Foster On-a-Roll Lifter® is a must-have tool. Here are just a few reasons:
• Material damage is reduced or eliminated when moving rolls.
• Large media and heavy material rolls are handled quickly and easily.
• The simple hydraulic foot pump makes lifting effortless.
• Nylon safety straps enable one operator to move even the heaviest media rolls.
• Rugged construction ensures long lifter life.
• One-person operation saves labor and time.

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